Miss-tape: What is love por Chispillatronik

Miss-tape: What is love por Chispillatronik

Claudia Castelán


¿Qué es el amor? No se sabe, mientras cantarle y bailarle al estilo 90’s

TRACKLIST: 1:03:10

  1. Culture ClubSo you really want to hurt me?
  2. Miguel BoséAmante Bandido
  3. Bell Biv DevoePoison
  4. Tone LocFunky cold Medina
  5. HaddawayWhat is love
  6. Rigth Said FredI’m too sexy
  7. 20 Fingers + GilletteShort dick man
  8. Latour People are still having sex
  9. New OrderBlue Monday 88
  10. Venga BoysUp and Down
  11. ParadisoBailando
  12. Pet Shop BoysNew York city boy
  13. Real McCoyRun Away
  14. ErasureDon’t say you love me
  15. The Beloved Sweet harmony


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