Miss-tape: Cosmic Cabaret por Beatrix
Por Beatrix G. de Velasco @
15 de mayo, 2016
Beatrix G. de Velasco


They say there’s broken night for every heart in Broadway,
They say the life’s a game and then they take the board away
They give you masks and costumes and the outline of a story
They leave you all to improvise
In the vicious cabaret!

–Alan Moore–


  1. Diamonds on my windshieldTom Waits
  2. HoffnungMia
  3. Vicious cabaretDavid J
  4. I’m a vampUte Lemper
  5. La colegialaPaté de Fuá
  6. The galleryThe Legendary Pink Dots
  7. Animal impulsesIAMX
  8. Oompa radarGoldfrapp
  9. HellSquirrel Nut Zippers
  10. Jesus walkingViolent Femmes
  11. Leeds unitedDresden Dolls
  12. Todo sobre el amor Pablo Dacal
  13. L’acordionSerge Gainsbourg
  14. Edge of the worldFaith No More
  15. The sweetest embrace Nick Cave/Barry Adamson
  16. TuyoSan Pascualito Rey
  17. Frank’s wild yearsTom Waits
Beatrix G. de Velasco